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NS Landscapes offers comprehensive paver and concrete cleaning and sealing services. We strongly recommend professionally cleaning and sealing your paver or concrete hardscape after installation and every 3 years afterward. Cleaning removes efflorescence and sealing protects the surface from staining and weathering. Sealing also enhances the colors of your new hardscape. Pavers must be fully cured and dry before sealing. Most pavers can be sealed roughly 2 months after installation, but some materials need a winter season to cure. We clean and seal all poured concrete or paver installations, driveways pool decks, patios, front steps, sidewalks etc.

We start our cleaning process by chemically removing dirt, moss, debris, etc. and stripping old failing sealers, removing stains and hazing. We re-sand paver joints at the time of cleaning. We reset or level sunken or heaving pavers and apply an oil-based color-enhancing, joint-stabilizing sealer.


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